Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Journey is the Reward

After having spent the last few weeks trying to understand my complex and ever changing world, I have finally taken time out to try to understand myself. 

I need a logically coherent way of living, which doesn’t seem to be able to be achieved Sad smile 

Never mind, moving swiftly on, I finally managed to spend time this week – ON THE DECKING !! – Yes, the Decking, which although it has been around for years, hasn’t had the benefit of a comfy bench, since the other fell apart, having been abandoned to the weather. 


It may not look much, but there in the background is my lovely sweat peas, that have been incredibly prolific this year.  I have also managed to grow some Cosmos


I hadn’t realised that they were Cosmos – I had bought them grown from seed by a lovely lady at the Dundry Woman’s Institute but they hadn’t got a name attached to them.  After further research and some help from some incredibly kind Facebook and Twitter friends, I have discovered that they are Cosmos bipinnatus “Fizzy Rose Picotee”.  Further joy – Jane Deane went on to tell me that they can be used for dyeing.  Alum Mordant and using the flower heads.  I don’t think the four that I managed to grow this year, but next year – I have plans Thumbs up

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