Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Bountiful Harvest time

and setting down stores for the winter. 

Now we have some beautiful weather for a while, the world around me feels quite calm (for a change!!)


Having tackled Pickle, Chutney and Jam, not forgetting Sweetcorn relish over the last few days – I am feeling really good about not letting the Summer Bounty go to waste – plums are illustrated, and I have blackberrys and crab apples ready to go. 

The Piccalilli was a recipe courtesy of the The Big Allotment Challenge – which I found fascinating, even if it was quite disjointed – each episode seemed to cover too large a timespan and I got confusedConfused smile

Unfortunately though the smell was appalling and when decanting it into jars it smelled and looked like baby poop… Having said that, when we had a taster when it cooled enough to try – wow….worth all the grief !!

I would though do things differently to the original writers and as usual the methodology is confusing to me and doesn’t flag up enormous waiting times for things like salt to work, where I could usefully be doing other things. 

In the meantime here is a rose from my garden for you to enjoy – the one which was a rose, then a dog rose, then has some rose hips on it and now back again as a rose… It is called Irish Blessings – so with the sun shining the way it is today I am counting mine – Smile 


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