Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Harvesting my First Toms



There has been a lot of storms over the weekend, but I am pleased to announce that I have finally managed to grow not one BUT two tomatoes !!! Despite coming back on the weekend to find the bushes on the floor due to the wind etc.  Not sure these plants will produce enough to keep Toby in supply, but it is a start !!

I really didn’t have the confidence to transplant these little beauties from their pots which they long outgrew to the growbags.  I couldn’t work out how to use the “rings” which are basically pots with the bottoms cut out. 

Joshua, my eldest son, on his last trip over took control and these are the six bushes before the rain and sunshine have given them a growth spurt. 


My beans and peas are also looking grand – although they too have suffered with being flooded out.  A little worried about the corgettes as well – perhaps a little too late in the year.  

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