Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Flower Power.. and gypsy wishes


The storm also took off one of the heads of one of my plants I had grown from bulb – courtesy of a local garden centre giving them to me for free.  I suppose I best find out what they are !!

They do look lovely in the Tussie Mussie vase though. 

When I made up a couple of small bouquets to put in two of the carers’ cars (instead of air fresheners – an idea they spotted whilst we were out and about in Portishead) one of the guys thought it was a heather bouquet at first sight, just as a gypsy might sell.

I had one of those gestalt moments – that is what is missing from my garden – no heather.  Despite having grown them for years and years – I have totally forgotten to replant them this time.  So I have remedied this and ordered some from ebay – nothing like a quick fix eh !!


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